Co-founder & CEO @ Rownd

Robert is the Co-founder and CEO of his company, and is active on Twitter under the handle @rgthelen.

Robert - Co-founder & CEO

Robert holds the title of Co-founder and CEO. In leading his company, he manages executive decisions and operational oversight. His role involves strategic planning and driving the company's vision and goals.

Robert Twitter Handle @rgthelen

Robert is active on Twitter under the handle @rgthelen. He engages with his audience on this platform, sharing insights and updates related to his professional activities. Twitter serves as a channel for him to connect with a broader community and stay updated on industry trends.

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Co-founder & CTO @ Rownd

Matt, Co-founder and CTO, is based in Raleigh, NC, and part of Y Combinator's Winter '22 batch. He focuses on simplifying account creation for websites and apps, emphasizing data privacy and user convenience.


Co-founder & Head of Design @ Rownd

Rachel is the Co-founder and Head of Design at a tech startup, part of Y Combinator's Winter '22 batch, focusing on simplifying account creation and enhancing data privacy in web applications.