Overview of Routine

Routine, founded in 2020 by Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet, is a Paris-based company dedicated to enhancing productivity for extremely busy individuals. With a specialized focus on CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives, and general managers, Routine offers a sophisticated desktop and mobile app. The app's key features include the ability to capture thoughts, secure time for important tasks, schedule meetings, take notes, and provide a comprehensive calendar overview. The company has a team of 8 and operates within the B2B industry, particularly focusing on productivity solutions.

Routine's Founders

Routine was founded by Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet. Prior to establishing Routine, both founders had experience in the tech industry with Infinit, a company they co-founded and later sold to Docker in 2016. With this strong background in technology and startups, Quintard and Hocquet aim to provide innovative productivity solutions with Routine.

Routine's B2B Productivity Solutions

Routine focuses on providing productivity tools within the B2B sector. The company's core product is a personal productivity app designed to help busy professionals manage their time and tasks more effectively. Key features of the app include capturing thoughts, securing time for important tasks, scheduling meetings, taking notes, and offering a detailed calendar overview. These features are particularly aimed at CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives, and general managers who need efficient tools to stay organized.

Routine's Participation in Y Combinator

Routine participated in Y Combinator's W21 batch, which significantly contributed to its growth and development. Launched in March 2021, the company's inclusion in this prestigious startup accelerator highlights its potential and commitment to creating innovative productivity solutions.

Routine’s Target Markets

Routine serves a variety of regions including France, Europe, and offers both remote and partly remote options. By targeting busy professionals such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives, and general managers, Routine aims to elevate productivity and organize hectic schedules effectively through its advanced productivity app.

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Routine Employees

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