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Shivam Mangla is the co-founder of, a tech company specializing in synthetic video technology. His role involves strategic decision-making and guiding the company’s direction in developing advanced AI-driven solutions. focuses on creating highly realistic synthetic videos that can have various applications, including personalized marketing and customer engagement.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021

Shivam Mangla was recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in 2021. This honor acknowledges his significant contributions and potential in the field of synthetic video technology and artificial intelligence. The Forbes list celebrates young entrepreneurs and innovators across multiple industries who are making an impact in their respective fields.

Grievance Officer at

In addition to his role as co-founder, Shivam Mangla serves as the Grievance Officer at In this capacity, he oversees and addresses concerns and complaints within the company, ensuring that operations run smoothly and ethically. This role highlights his commitment to maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Expert in AI and Machine Learning

Shivam Mangla has a background in AI and machine learning, which forms the foundation of his work at His expertise in these areas allows him to contribute to the development of sophisticated algorithms and technologies that enable the creation of synthetic video content. His knowledge and skills are crucial to the company’s innovation and success.

Shaping the Future of Synthetic Video Technology

Shivam Mangla is actively involved in shaping the future of synthetic video technology. Through his work at, he is pioneering new ways to leverage AI for video creation, transforming the way businesses and individuals can communicate visually. His efforts contribute to advancements in the field, making synthetic video technology more accessible and effective.

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