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Remi, formerly known as Remi Labs, operates out of Lehi and Salt Lake City, Utah, and employs a team of 25 professionals. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Remi has established itself in the real estate and construction industry, focusing specifically on home improvements. The company offers a variety of services, including roofing, solar panel installation, HVAC upgrades, and smart home solutions. Utilizing its proprietary AI technology, named Remi AI, the company guarantees accurate project quotes and covers any unforeseen costs on the installation day without additional charges. Remi ensures that all services are executed by Remi-Certified, licensed, and insured contractors. The company’s operations span across 17 states in the USA, and it is known for its rapid communication, promising interactions with clients within an hour. Remi also offers extended warranties that surpass typical industry standards. Additionally, the company supports residential solar initiatives by integrating services that include roofing and structural modifications required for solar installations, streamlining processes like communication, permitting, scheduling, payments, and coordination between involved parties. Remi is trusted by Sunrun, a leading national solar provider, to serve its extensive customer base, thus reinforcing its reputation in providing modern, sustainable, and reliable home improvement solutions.

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