Samuel Okwuada

CEO & Co-Founder @ Remedial Health

Samuel Okwuada CEO & Co-Founder

Samuel Okwuada is the CEO and Co-Founder. His leadership role involves overseeing the strategic direction and operational management of the company. Demonstrating a keen insight into technological integration within traditional industries, Samuel's dual background in pharmacy and software development positions him uniquely in the business landscape.

Samuel Okwuada Education and Expertise

Samuel Okwuada holds credentials as a UK/Nigeria registered pharmacist. His formal education in pharmacy provides him with a thorough understanding of medical and pharmaceutical practices. Adding to his expertise, Samuel is a self-taught software developer, a skill he acquired at the age of 14. This combination of healthcare and tech knowledge underpins his approach to business and innovation.

Samuel Okwuada Professional Background

As a registered pharmacist in both the UK and Nigeria, Samuel Okwuada has a solid foundation in pharmaceutical practices and healthcare regulations. This professional background is complemented by his self-taught skills in software development, which he began cultivating at the age of 14. His dual experience allows him to navigate and bridge the gap between traditional offline industries and modern technological applications.

Samuel Okwuada Intersection of Technology and Offline Industries

Samuel Okwuada exhibits a clear passion for integrating technology with traditional industries. His unique perspective is shaped by his combined expertise in pharmacy and software development. This focus positions him as a pioneer in utilizing technological solutions to innovate and streamline processes within offline sectors, demonstrating his commitment to advancing these industries through modern tech applications.

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