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Founded in 2022 and based in Lagos, Nigeria, Remedial Health operates as a B2B e-commerce and fintech platform specifically designed for pharmacies and hospitals in Africa. The company was established to tackle the challenges of high prices and counterfeit medicines prevalent in open-air markets by providing a reliable supply of pharmaceuticals. Remedial Health sells medicine wholesale to approximately 1 million pharmacies and hospitals across Africa and manages a marketplace stocked with essential supplies needed by these institutions. The company ensures rapid delivery of products within 24 hours and extends credit facilities to aid the growth of healthcare providers. With a team of 300 employees, Remedial Health is part of the Y Combinator W22 batch and is in the growth stage of its development. It offers various solutions including Remedial Benefits Manager, Remedial Buy Now, Pay Later, Remedial Intelligence, Remedial Market Access, and Remedial Shop, all aimed at improving operational efficiencies and enhancing the quality of life in Africa without compromising the financial stability of healthcare providers.

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