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About Akhil Suhag

Akhil Suhag is the founder and CEO of a company that specializes in creating dynamic, customizable leaderboards for tracking user actions, with automated updates and reward distributions.

Known information

Akhil Suhag, serving as the founder and CEO, has developed a platform that facilitates the creation of dynamic leaderboards which can track single or multiple user actions. This platform allows users to set leaderboards for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom durations, and it automates the distribution of rewards at the end of each period. It features an easy-to-use interface equipped with a built-in rule engine that helps in testing, building, and managing these leaderboards effectively. The platform offers extensive flexibility and customization options for leaderboard campaigns, supporting various scoring combinations, mechanisms, tiers, and achievements. Additionally, it provides automation capabilities for both leaderboard updates and reward distributions. Akhil’s platform is designed to be scalable, ensuring it can handle large user bases and peak usage times while maintaining consistent performance, responsiveness, and real-time updates.

About, based in Bengaluru, India, is a B2B marketing company specializing in comprehensive promotional tools including referral and loyalty programs, coupons, and leaderboards.

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