Flo Rueckert

CTO @ Quan

Flo Rueckert is the CTO and a founding member of Quan, who collaborated with psychologists and therapists to develop a well-being assessment and digital platform aimed at improving self-awareness and driving behavioral change.

Flo Rueckert CTO of Quan

Flo Rueckert serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Quan. As a part of the company's founding team, Flo has played a significant role in establishing its technological direction. Her work focuses on developing digital platforms that use data to drive behavioral change. She collaborates closely with team members to ensure high standards of technical implementation and innovation.

Quan Founding Team During COVID-19

Flo Rueckert was part of the founding team of Quan, which came together during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team's mission was to address the impacts the pandemic had on personal and work lives. Recognizing the urgent need for better mental health and well-being solutions, this group laid the foundation for what Quan stands for today.

Collaboration with Psychologists and Therapists

As CTO, Flo Rueckert worked with a team of psychologists and therapists to develop a well-being assessment. This tool focuses on improving self-awareness among users and helps teams identify areas needing attention in both personal and professional lives. This interdisciplinary collaboration ensures the assessment is both scientifically valid and practically useful.

Quan's Digital Platform Development

Flo Rueckert was instrumental in creating Quan's digital platform designed to drive behavioral change through data collection, personalized insights, and guided interventions. This platform aims to provide users with actionable plans to enhance their well-being, using technology to support mental health in the workplace.

Close Working Relationship with Lucy Howie

Flo Rueckert is featured in a photo alongside Lucy Howie, indicating a close working relationship within Quan. This collaboration speaks to the unity and teamwork present among Quan's leadership, essential for driving the company's mission forward effectively.

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