Pursuit offers a range of services in the real estate and construction industry, specifically catering to travel, leisure, and tourism needs. They provide property listings at no charge to brokers, enhanced by marketing services that include photography, videography, copywriting, web development, and paid advertising. Pursuit offers turnkey co-ownership and management of high-end recreational properties, specialized in properties with scarce natural resources. Additionally, they manage various property aspects, such as home cleaning, game management, and agricultural maintenance, ensuring both enjoyment and investment goals are met.


Pursuit operates out of Denver, Colorado, and Ottawa Hills, Ohio in the USA. They serve regions covering the United States of America, Canada, and also accommodate remote and partly remote regions. Their operational reach allows them to coordinate property management and client services across top-tier recreational locations worldwide.

Referral Commissions

Pursuit offers client referral commissions for every client referred who completes a purchase. Brokers are required to refer clients interested in co-ownership of recreational properties. Pursuit's policy includes providing commissions on all customer referrals that result in sales, adding an additional financial incentive for brokers and partners engaged with the company.

Fractional Economic Model

Pursuit utilizes a fractional economic model for property listings. This allows brokers to list properties for fractional sales, offering more flexibility for sellers who do not wish to sell 100% of their property. Pursuit also pools qualified buyer groups and provides their own capital to support transactions, enhancing deal-making and investment opportunities. This model is integral to their strategy in dealing with high-end recreational properties in cooperative ownership structures.

Broker Partnerships

Pursuit actively engages in partnerships with brokers, offering a suite of free marketing and advertising enhancements. Brokers are encouraged to refer clients interested in recreational property co-ownership and to allow Pursuit to list properties under their fractional model. The company provides added value through extensive marketing efforts and access to a larger pool of potential buyers, which can significantly increase the reach and appeal of listed properties.

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