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PINA, previously known as PT Pina Aplikasi Bersama, operates from Jakarta, Indonesia, and specializes in the fintech industry. With a team of 25 employees, PINA serves regions including Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and offers remote and partly remote services. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, PINA has developed a robust digital wealth management platform that integrates various financial tools such as expense tracking, budgeting, investing, and access to certified financial planners. The platform supports over 100,000 users across Android and iOS, evidenced by its high rating of 4.7 on the App Store. PINA’s services include personalized investment strategies, financial planning for debt management, insurance optimization, and planning for educational funds, all designed to be accessible and affordable. Additionally, the company offers a free 30-minute consultation to help users set financial goals. PINA’s commitment to security and compliance is demonstrated through its ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification and supervision by Kominfo, with ongoing registration with the Digital Financial Innovation Group (GIKD). The company has also been featured in prominent media outlets like Liputan 6, Cosmopolitan, and Kompas.

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