Pide Directo

Company Overview

Pide Directo is a company headquartered in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, launched in July 2021. It operates in the Business-to-Business (B2B) industry, specifically focusing on Supply Chain and Logistics. Pide Directo participated in Y Combinator's S21 batch and employs a team of 150. The company serves customers across Mexico and Latin America, providing innovative solutions for the restaurant industry.


Pide Directo offers a comprehensive range of services tailored for the restaurant sector. Key services include DirectoPOS, an all-in-one restaurant management solution, a web menu, and an e-commerce platform. The company also provides logistics services for managing restaurant deliveries, including integrations with third-party services like Rappi, DiDi Food, and UberEats. Its platform supports various types of restaurants, such as cafes, dark kitchens, fast food outlets, bakeries, and retail services.


Pide Directo's primary product is DirectoPOS, described as an all-in-one restaurant management platform. This solution encompasses multiple features, such as a point of sale system, payment terminals, online ordering facilities, delivery management, and loyalty programs. It integrates seamlessly with third-party services like Rappi, DiDi Food, and UberEats, providing restaurants with a centralized system to enhance their operations, increase revenue, and improve customer experience.

Market Regions

Pide Directo serves a diverse market spanning Mexico, Latin America, and partly remote regions. By focusing on the specific needs of restaurants in these areas, the company aims to optimize the supply chain and logistics processes, providing tools that help manage operations more efficiently.

Y Combinator Participation

Pide Directo was a participant in Y Combinator's S21 batch. This participation provided the company with valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to accelerate its growth in the B2B supply chain and logistics sector. Being a part of Y Combinator has positioned Pide Directo to innovate and scale within the competitive restaurant management technology market.

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Pide Directo Employees

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