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Company Overview of Philippo

Philippo is a real estate and construction company based in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. The company operates primarily with apartments located in the Santiago Metropolitan Region and provides a unique online platform that promises stress-free property selling. Philippo ensures liquidity without discounts and hassles, providing up to 75% of the property's value within 10 days. The aim is to eliminate the pain of moving twice and avoid homeowners losing their dream homes.

Philippo's Services

Philippo provides several tailored services in the real estate market. The company offers a free online service through which property deals can be closed within just 10 days. They specialize in Sale and Leaseback transactions, which allow homeowners to access their home equity before selling. This service caters explicitly to homeowners who need to sell their current property to afford a new home. The platform also connects with top real estate agents, offering them an opportunity to join its network.

Y Combinator and Venture Support for Philippo

Philippo is supported by notable organizations, including Y Combinator, as part of its W22 batch. Additionally, the company has backing from Magma Partners, Carao Ventures, and Start-Up Chile. This robust support network enables Philippo to enhance its service offerings and expand its business operations across Chile and Latin America.

Philippo's Market and Regional Focus

Philippo mainly operates in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, focusing on the real estate and construction sub-industry. They target apartment homeowners within this region and are expanding to cover Chile, Latin America, and partly remote regions. Their services ensure quick liquidity and ease the process for homeowners who need to transition to new properties without the stress of moving multiple times.

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