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Rachel is a cloning scientist specializing in carbon recycling technology, aiming to recycle 1 gigaton of CO2 annually by 2050 using a gas fermentation process.

Title: Cloning Scientist

Rachel holds the title of Cloning Scientist. In her current role, she focuses on leveraging her expertise in cloning and related scientific methods to advance carbon recycling technologies. Her work involves developing and improving processes for effective gas fermentation using engineered microbes.

Carbon Recycling Technology Team Member

Rachel is an integral part of a team that is pioneering carbon recycling technology. This innovative group is dedicated to combating climate change through the recycling of carbon dioxide emissions. Rachel’s contributions involve using advanced cloning techniques to optimize the performance of patented microbes in order to produce commercially valuable chemicals and fuels from captured CO2.

Goal to Recycle 1 Gigaton of CO2 by 2050

Rachel and her team have set an ambitious target to recycle 1 gigaton of CO2 annually by the year 2050. This objective represents a significant stride in the global fight against climate change. Their work focuses on scaling up their patented gas fermentation processes to achieve this goal, leveraging Rachel's expertise in cloning to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their microbial solutions.

Patented Microbes in Gas Fermentation

Rachel is involved in the use of patented microbes designed for gas fermentation, a key process in their carbon recycling technology. This method allows the conversion of CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels, positioning the technology as both an environmental and economic solution. Her role is to optimize these microbes through cloning to ensure maximum efficacy in transforming carbon emissions into sustainable products.

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