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About Francois

Francois is a Strain Engineer featured in the Breakthrough Energy Fellows Cohort 2, working on a project to upcycle 1 gigaton of CO2 by 2050 using patented microbes.

Known information

Francois holds the position of Strain Engineer and has been recognized in the Breakthrough Energy Fellows Cohort 2 announcement. He is a key member of a team dedicated to an ambitious environmental project aimed at upcycling 1 gigaton of CO2 by the year 2050. His work primarily involves the use of patented microbes that consume H2 and CO2 emissions to produce valuable chemicals and fuels. This innovative solution is designed to retrofit on existing industrial setups and is adaptable to any CO2 emission source, enhancing its applicability and potential impact on environmental sustainability.

About Phase Biolabs

Phase Biolabs, based in Nottingham, UK, specializes in transforming waste CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels through a revolutionary biotechnology process.

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