David Ortega

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David Ortega is the Founder and CTO of a pioneering technology firm focused on developing electro-fuels through a bioprocess based on gas fermentation, aimed at recycling carbon dioxide on a large scale.

Founder and CTO David Ortega

David Ortega is the Founder & CTO working on cutting-edge technologies in the field of electro-fuels. His work is centered around innovative environmental solutions, specifically focusing on recycling large amounts of carbon dioxide into usable electro-fuels. As the Chief Technology Officer, Ortega is at the forefront of developing processes that aim to address climate change and reduce carbon footprints on an industrial scale.

Breakthrough Energy Fellow David Ortega

David Ortega has been recognized as a Breakthrough Energy Fellow, an accolade that highlights his contributions to sustainable energy technologies. The Breakthrough Energy Fellows program supports innovators through funding, mentorship, education, and access to a comprehensive network. This fellowship acknowledges Ortega's pioneering work in developing gas fermentation technologies for the production of electro-fuels.

David Ortega's Work in Electro-Fuels

David Ortega is actively engaged in the research and development of electro-fuels. His primary focus is on a bioprocess involving gas fermentation that converts waste carbon dioxide into cost-competitive and carbon-neutral electro-fuels. This technology has the potential to significantly reduce industrial carbon emissions by repurposing CO2 into valuable fuel sources.

David Ortega's CO2 Recycling Goals

David Ortega aims to recycle 1 gigaton of CO2 per year by 2050 through his innovative gas fermentation bioprocess. This ambitious goal underscores Ortega's commitment to environmental sustainability and his contribution towards mitigating climate change. By transforming waste carbon dioxide into useful electro-fuels, his work aims to provide a viable solution to one of the most pressing environmental challenges.

Gas Fermentation Bioprocess for Electro-Fuels

The technology developed by David Ortega utilizes a gas fermentation bioprocess that converts carbon dioxide into electro-fuels. This process not only aims to produce cost-competitive fuels but also targets carbon neutrality, addressing both economic and environmental aspects. By focusing on gas fermentation, the technology promises an innovative way to repurpose waste CO2, contributing to a more sustainable energy landscape.

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