David Ortega

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About David Ortega

David Ortega is the Founder and CTO of a pioneering technology firm focused on developing electro-fuels through a bioprocess based on gas fermentation, aimed at recycling carbon dioxide on a large scale.

Known information

David Ortega serves as the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at a company specializing in the development of electro-fuels. He is recognized as a Breakthrough Energy Fellow, a prestigious acknowledgment that supports innovators through funding, mentorship, and educational opportunities, along with access to a valuable network. Ortega’s work centers on a novel bioprocess that utilizes gas fermentation to convert carbon dioxide into electro-fuels. This technology is designed to be cost-competitive and carbon-neutral, addressing environmental challenges by aiming to recycle 1 gigaton of CO2 per year by 2050. His efforts represent a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions.

About Phase Biolabs

Phase Biolabs, based in Nottingham, UK, specializes in transforming waste CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels through a revolutionary biotechnology process.

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