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PermitFlow offers intuitive workflow software for general contractors and developers, simplifying the optimal permitting process. Their platform allows for permit preparation, submission, and tracking nationwide across all municipalities. The software automates and streamlines the permit preparation and submittal processes, reducing time spent and avoiding errors. Project stakeholders can access comprehensive, up-to-date permit requirements curated by local experts. Additionally, PermitFlow provides a dedicated platform for team collaboration and scheduled updates on application status and review timelines.

Company Locations

PermitFlow is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA, with a fully remote team. The company also operates remotely across the United States, America/Canada, and fully remote regions. This broad operational scope allows them to serve various municipalities nationwide effectively.

Industry Focus

PermitFlow operates in the real estate and construction industry, specifically catering to the construction sub-industry. Their services are crucial for general contractors and developers, helping them navigate the complex landscape of construction permitting efficiently. By offering software solutions tailored to construction permitting needs, PermitFlow addresses important industry challenges.

Y-Combinator W22 Batch

PermitFlow is part of the Y-Combinator batch W22. This affiliation with the renowned startup accelerator validates the company's innovative approach to construction permitting and supports its growth potential in the industry. Y-Combinator's support has been instrumental in advancing PermitFlow's mission and service offerings.

Series A Funding

PermitFlow raised a $31 million Series A funding round to advance its construction permitting software. This significant investment allows the company to enhance its platform, integrate more robust features, and expand its reach to support more users. The funding also supports ongoing innovations in their workflow and permit management solutions.

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