Anna Pugh

Award-winning audiologist and tinnitus therapist @ Oto arrow icon

Anna Pugh is an award-winning audiologist and tinnitus therapist with over 30 years of experience, known for her significant contributions to the Oto team.

Anna Pugh Audiologist and Tinnitus Therapist

Anna Pugh is an award-winning audiologist and tinnitus therapist with over 30 years of experience in the field. Her broad expertise and personal experience with tinnitus have made her a valuable asset in audiology. Anna's professionalism and dedication to patient care have been recognized throughout her extensive career, marking her as a leading figure in her discipline.

Anna Pugh Oto Team Membership

Anna Pugh was identified as a perfect fit for the founding team at Oto, an organization focused on delivering personalized and holistic support for audiology issues. Her extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field made her an excellent addition to the team. This alignment played a crucial role in Oto's mission to create a unique coaching program that aids individuals with tinnitus through ongoing, personalized guidance.

Anna Pugh Audiology Experience

With a career spanning over three decades, Anna Pugh has amassed substantial expertise in audiology. She has worked extensively across various audiology issues, providing exceptional care and support to her patients. Her long-term dedication to the field has contributed significantly to advancing audiology practices and patient outcomes.

Anna Pugh's Role in Personalized Tinnitus Therapy

Anna Pugh's personal experience with tinnitus, paired with her professional background, has positioned her uniquely within the field of tinnitus therapy. At Oto, her insights and specialized knowledge have been instrumental in developing a coaching program designed to offer ongoing, tailored support to individuals managing tinnitus. Her work ensures that patients receive comprehensive care that addresses their specific needs.

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