Lawrence Gentilello

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About Lawrence Gentilello

Lawrence Gentilello is the founder and CEO of Optery, known for his leadership roles at Accenture, Oracle, and BlueKai, as well as co-founding Screenleap.

Known information

Lawrence Gentilello is a prominent figure in the tech industry, currently serving as the founder and CEO of Optery. His career includes significant roles such as leading the Data Management Platforms (DMP) practice in North America for Accenture. Prior to his tenure at Accenture, Gentilello was a Product Management and Technical Consulting leader at Oracle and BlueKai, the latter being acquired by Oracle for over $400 million. He also co-founded Screenleap, a company focused on remote collaboration solutions. Notably, Gentilello is credited with launching the first online facebook at Stanford in 1999, known as Steamtunnels.

About Optery

Optery, headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, offers automated opt-out software to help individuals, families, and businesses remove personal information from over 315 data broker sites.

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