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OneShop, previously known as SuperPosher, Inventory Systems, and Crosslist, operates from San Francisco, CA, and employs a team of 10. As a participant in the Y-Combinator S21 batch, OneShop serves regions including the United States, America/Canada, and offers remote and partly remote services. The company specializes in the consumer industry, providing a platform that not only facilitates the buying and selling of brand-name women’s apparel from independent suppliers but also supports listing on multiple resale marketplaces. OneShop enhances the selling experience by offering tools for bulk selling, automated relisting, and direct buyer-seller messaging. It ensures buyer satisfaction through detailed listings that include photos, full descriptions, and disclosures of any issues. Additionally, the platform offers easy returns, a no sales tax option for qualifying resellers, and handles returns for sellers, ensuring they are compensated if their listings are accurate and issues are disclosed. OneShop’s commitment to safety and reliability is evident in its marketplace policies, shipping guarantees, and luxury item protections. The platform is available for support 18 hours a day, with various contact options including email, text, and Facebook messaging. Financial aspects of selling on OneShop involve a 10% commission, payment processing fees, and variable sales tax based on the buyer’s location and tax exemption status.

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