Brad Sickles

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About Brad Sickles

Brad Sickles is a software engineer known for his insightful blog posts on various topics related to developer platforms and software engineering.

Known information

Brad Sickles is a software engineer who has authored several influential blog posts in the field of software engineering and developer platforms. His writings include topics such as the comparison and analysis of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Internal Developer Platforms, the evolution and future of platform engineering, and specific technical discussions like the differences between API Gateways and Load Balancers. Notable posts include ‘Ephemeral Environments Primer: Benefits, Challenges, and Pitfalls’ and ‘Why Composable Developer Platforms are the Future of Developer Platforms’. His work contributes to ongoing discussions and developments in software engineering practices, particularly in the areas of DevOps and platform engineering.

About Nullstone

Nullstone, based in Atlanta with a fully remote team, is a Y Combinator-backed company specializing in B2B infrastructure solutions, offering a range of tools for rapid, secure app deployment on the cloud.

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