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Company Overview

Nira Energy, formerly known as Net Zero Labs and Nira, operates in the industrials sector with a focus on the climate sub-industry. The company is headquartered remotely and consists of a team of 14 individuals. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Nira Energy assists renewable energy developers in locating the most profitable points on the electrical grid for new projects.

Products and Services

Nira Energy offers a map tool designed for renewable energy developers. This tool displays available capacity at each interconnection point on the electrical grid and helps customers identify the most profitable points for new projects. The service includes visualization of injection capacity at every substation within a region, with data sourced from the latest power flow models used by ISOs and utilities. The data automatically refreshes as queues change, ensuring up-to-date information for users. The subscription package also includes access to injection-level studies for every substation in the region.

Customer Base

Nira Energy serves notable customers such as AES and Cypress Creek. By providing detailed injection studies and benchmarking calls, the company enables its customers to compare Nira's results with previous studies they have conducted. Nira's services help clients make informed decisions about the siting of new renewable energy projects.

Subscription Plans

Nira Energy offers subscription plans that vary by region, with discounts available for subscribing to multiple regions. The annual subscription includes access to injection-level studies and continuous data updates reflecting the latest power flow models and queue changes. This ensures customers have the most current information for their projects.

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