Alex Feiszli

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About Alex Feiszli

Alex Feiszli is the Founder and CEO who has authored several influential blog posts on VPN technology, particularly focusing on Netmaker VPN.

Known information

Alex Feiszli serves as the Founder and CEO, actively contributing to the field of virtual private networks (VPNs) through various writings. Notably, Feiszli authored a series of blog posts in early 2024 that discuss advancements and tutorials related to Netmaker VPN, a tool that leverages WireGuard VPN technology. These posts include ‘Introducing Managed Endpoints on Netmaker VPN’ published on February 9, 2024, which likely discusses new features or services; ‘Netmaker v0.22.0: WireGuard VPN Networking Redesigned’ on January 17, 2024, detailing significant updates in the VPN’s design; ‘How to setup Self Hosted VPN using Wireguard and Netmaker’ on January 23, 2024, a tutorial on DIY VPN setup; and ‘A better alternative to Tailscale VPN: Netmaker’ on February 23, 2024, which compares Netmaker with other VPN solutions. Through these publications, Feiszli has established a notable presence in the VPN industry, particularly in enhancing and simplifying network security technologies.

About Netmaker

Netmaker, formerly known as Gravitl, is a B2B infrastructure company based in Asheville, NC, specializing in virtual networking solutions using WireGuard technology.

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