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Founded on March 20, 2022, Myria operates both in Los Angeles, CA, and remotely, providing a private marketplace specifically designed for ultra-high net worth individuals. The company offers a range of luxury services across categories such as Lifestyle, Estate, Travel, Experiences, Staffing, and Events. Myria was part of the Y Combinator’s W22 batch and has a small team of 7 members. Membership to Myria’s exclusive services requires a nomination from an existing member, followed by a vetting process that includes KYC/AML checks, net worth verification, and an interview. The company employs a unique True Success Score to evaluate members based on factors like impact, wealth, personal brand, and marketplace interactions. Financial transactions are handled through third-party payment processors, ensuring the privacy and security of user information, a commitment that is underscored in their Privacy Policy. Myria promotes a culture of kindness and the greater good within its community and maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy against discrimination or harassment.

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