Company Overview

Mono is a fintech company based in Bogotá, Colombia. With a team size of 18, Mono operates in the banking and exchange sub-industry. The company is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, providing financial services across Colombia, Latin America, and remote locations.


Mono offers a variety of fintech services aimed at SMEs in Latin America. These services include a corporate bank account integrated with accounting, tax, and payroll systems. They also offer digital wallets with customizable features, facilitating efficient money movement, customer retention, and personalized branding. The platform supports the collection and dispersion of payments in real-time, adapting to business needs with functionalities like online payments with virtual cards and API-driven money transfers.

Subscription Plans and Fees

Mono offers a monthly subscription plan priced at COP $399,900 + VAT, which includes API usage, up to 25 cards (20 virtual and 5 physical), and five free physical cards. Users can avoid the monthly fee by meeting specific transaction criteria, such as making more than 30 million pesos in payments or conducting a certain number of ACH or Turbo transfers. Additional costs include a fee of COP $19,900 + VAT for each physical card beyond the first five, ATM withdrawal fees of $6,125, and payment link transaction fees.

Digital Wallet Features

Mono provides digital wallets designed for business needs. The digital wallets can be tailored with custom logos, colors, and styles, enhancing customer retention. They offer a user-friendly interface that adapts to company requirements, allowing for customized functionalities for allies, employees, and customers. Additionally, Mono’s wallets enable the dispersion of funds to any account or reloadable card quickly, improving the efficiency and visibility of transactions.

Physical and Virtual Visa Cards

Mono offers both physical and virtual Visa cards to manage company finances efficiently. Up to 25 total cards are available under their subscription plan, with additional charges for physical cards beyond the initial five. These cards provide flexible tools for managing expenses, facilitating online payments, and ensuring secure transactions.

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Mono Employees

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