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Moni, launched 7 months ago, operates within the fintech industry, focusing specifically on credit and lending. Based in Lagos and LA, Nigeria, and also offering remote services, Moni has quickly established its presence in the market with a team of 20 employees. As a participant in the Y Combinator W22 batch, Moni has garnered support from several prominent investors such as Magic Fund, Ventures Platform, and Voltron Capital. The company provides innovative financial solutions including non-collateral loans based solely on business information and the commitment to repay, and group financing where collective responsibility serves as collateral. Moni’s flagship services include the Moni Vault, a savings feature available to all, and a Rent Now Pay Later service tailored to immediate financial needs. Additionally, Moni offers float insurance to protect loans from theft both within business premises and in transit. The company has achieved significant milestones such as disbursing over $5M across 11,000 loans with a 99% repayment rate and reaching a $72k monthly recurring revenue, growing at 50% month-over-month. Moni’s operational reach spans Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Guinea, catering to mobile money agents and small businesses across Africa.

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