Company Overview

Mindmesh, formerly known as Spot, is a B2B productivity company located in Boston, MA, USA. The company operates with a small team of 7 members and is part of the Y Combinator S21 batch. Mindmesh offers a virtual desk designed to centralize work, notes, todos, and meetings to help users focus on their current tasks. The company's services are available in the United States and Canada, with options for remote and partly remote work.


Mindmesh provides a virtual desk aimed at centralizing various work-related activities including notes, todos, and meetings. This tool is tailored to enhance productivity by enabling users to focus better on their current tasks. The platform is supported by robust security measures, including SOC2 Type II certification and regular penetration testing. Mindmesh also ensures data encryption, availability, and regular backups, making it suitable for handling sensitive information securely.

Security and Compliance

Mindmesh is committed to maintaining high security standards and complies with various industry protocols. The company is SOC2 Type II certified, receives periodic penetration testing, and is certified for the usage of restricted and sensitive Google API scopes. Their security measures include encryption of data, access control to restrict employee access, and compliance with GDPR. Analytics tools used by Mindmesh include AWS, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Hotjar, and Open AI.

Y Combinator Involvement

Mindmesh is supported by Y Combinator and participated in the YC S21 batch. This association provides the company with a reputable backing, contributing to its credibility and potential for growth. Y Combinator's support offers Mindmesh opportunities for networking, mentorship, and resources essential for scaling its operations in the B2B productivity sector.

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Mindmesh Employees

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