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Miggos is a wholesale marketplace based in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, dedicated to serving over 5 million mom & pop clothing shops throughout Latin America. Established in March 2022, the company aims to streamline the purchasing, selection, and discovery processes for small retailers by connecting them with various brands and manufacturers. With a focus on the B2B sector, Miggos is positioned within the Supply Chain and Logistics sub-industry.


Miggos provides a range of services designed to simplify transactions between brands and small retailers. These services include credit, logistics, and customer service support. By offering these solutions, Miggos ensures a seamless and efficient process from selection to purchase, facilitating better business interactions for mom & pop shops across Latin America.

Locations and Regions

The company operates primarily in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, but its reach extends across Latin America. Miggos offers both remote and partly remote services, accommodating businesses in various locations. This broad geographic coverage allows Miggos to serve a diverse clientele, supporting small retailers in their efforts to connect with brands and manufacturers throughout the region.

Y Combinator Batch W22

Miggos was part of the Y Combinator W22 batch. This experience provided the company with valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, contributing to its development and growth in the competitive B2B marketplace. Participation in Y Combinator has enabled Miggos to enhance its offerings and expand its reach within the supply chain and logistics industry.

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