Medium Biosciences

Overview of Medium Biosciences

Medium Biosciences operates in the healthcare industry with a focus on industrial biotechnology. The company is located in Boston, MA, USA, and offers remote work options. With a small team of six members, Medium Biosciences leverages AI models to create novel and high-performing biomolecules. Their technology includes the simulation of biophysical properties of biomolecules and identifying promising candidates for lab testing.

Services Offered by Medium Biosciences

Medium Biosciences builds advanced AI models to aid in the creation of novel biomolecules with high performance. The company's services include simulating the biophysical properties of biomolecules and identifying the most promising candidates for laboratory testing. These solutions aim to streamline the process of biomolecule development in various industrial bio applications.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Medium Biosciences has established partnerships with Twist Biosciences and the University of Manchester. Additionally, they collaborate with an undisclosed pharmaceutical company to enhance their biomolecule development process. These partnerships aim to support the company's mission to revolutionize the industrial bio sector with cutting-edge AI technologies.

Funding and Support

Medium Biosciences is backed by several prominent investors including Y Combinator, AIX Ventures, E14, Village Global, and Emily LeProust. They participated in the S21 batch of Y Combinator, which provided crucial early-stage support. These investments help the company to continue developing its innovative technologies and expand its reach in the healthcare and industrial bio industries.

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Medium Biosciences Employees

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