Sabih Mir

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Sabih Mir Co-founder and CEO

Sabih Mir is the Co-founder and CEO of his current company. In his role, he steers the company's vision and strategic direction. With his extensive background in design and leadership, Mir ensures that the company remains at the forefront of innovation. His experience provides him with the skills to navigate complex business landscapes and lead his team effectively.

Sabih Mir's Microsoft Experience

Sabih Mir previously worked at Microsoft, a tenure that significantly shaped his professional trajectory. At Microsoft, he was involved in high-impact projects that contributed to his growth as a design leader. His time at Microsoft provided him with invaluable insights into the tech industry's intricacies and helped him build a robust foundation for his future roles.

First Designer at Ginger (Headspace Health)

Sabih Mir was the first designer at Ginger, an innovative mental health company that has evolved into Headspace Health. His pioneering work at Ginger set the stage for future developments in mental health technology and design. Mir's contributions were pivotal in establishing the design framework that supports the company's current success.

Sabih Mir's Design Leadership

With over 20 years of experience as a Design Leader, Sabih Mir has developed a deep expertise in creating user-centered designs. His leadership in design has been characterized by a strong focus on user experience and innovation. Throughout his career, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, helping to launch products that resonate with users.

Sabih Mir's Background and Personal Life

Sabih Mir is the son of a nephrologist and has family roots in Kashmir and Pakistan. Growing up, Mir's household often hosted relatives seeking better medical care in the US. These early experiences imbued him with a deep understanding of different cultures and fostered a sense of empathy, which he carries into his professional life. His background has influenced his approach to leadership and design, making him a compassionate and effective leader.

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