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Mecho Autotech, formerly known as Mecho Autotech Ltd, is an industrials company focused on the automotive sub-industry, operating primarily in Lagos, Nigeria, and serving the broader Nigerian and African regions. The company, which is part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch, has successfully raised $2.4 million in Pre-Series A funding to expand its operations. Mecho Autotech has developed a comprehensive service offering that includes on-demand auto maintenance and repairs for both individual customers and businesses. The company has established a robust network of over 5000 technicians and automotive service providers nationwide, facilitated through an innovative mobile and web application that simplifies the booking, payment, and mechanic matching process. Additionally, Mecho Autotech operates MechoMart, an automotive parts marketplace, and offers a partnership program called MechoPartners. The company also maintains a blog that provides valuable articles on vehicle maintenance, repair, and automotive industry news, further supporting its community and customer base.

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