Oded Harth

CEO @ MDalgorithms Inc.

Oded Harth CEO

Oded Harth serves as the CEO, demonstrating leadership and strategic vision in his role. His experience and expertise in building solutions for customized skincare and hair regrowth have established his reputation in the industry. Under his leadership, his companies have achieved notable success and recognition.

Oded Harth Education and Expertise

Oded Harth has received training in artificial intelligence and machine learning at Stanford University. His educational background has equipped him with advanced technical skills, which he leverages to innovate in the field of personalized medical treatments.

Oded Harth Forbes '30 Under 30'

Oded Harth was recognized on Forbes' '30 Under 30' list, a prestigious accolade that highlights young innovators and leaders across various sectors. This recognition underscores his impact and influence within the industry of customized health treatments.

Oded Harth Founder of MDalgorithms

Oded Harth founded MDalgorithms, a company dedicated to developing personalized medical treatment solutions. His initiative led to the creation of industry-leading applications like MDacne and MDhair.

Oded Harth Builder of MDacne and MDhair

Oded Harth is the builder of MDacne, which is renowned as the world-leading customized skin treatment application. He also developed MDhair, the first medical-grade customized hair regrowth treatment. These applications utilize advanced technologies to provide personalized treatment plans for users, setting new standards in medical customization.

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