Zachary Hueras

Principal Software Engineer @ Massdriver arrow icon

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About Zachary Hueras

Zachary Hueras is a Principal Software Engineer known for his significant contributions to Massdriver, enhancing software deployment and infrastructure provisioning.

Known information

Zachary Hueras holds the position of Principal Software Engineer and has been prominently featured in various testimonials and case studies related to his work with Massdriver. He played a crucial role in a case study for AMD Telemedicine, where his efforts led to a notable reduction in software release effort. Hueras has been praised for providing excellent support and being highly attentive to user needs, as highlighted in multiple testimonials. His expertise has greatly simplified deployment processes and ensured adherence to best practices in infrastructure provisioning, further establishing his reputation in the field.

About Massdriver

Massdriver, based in Los Angeles with a fully remote team of 11, specializes in providing B2B engineering solutions, focusing on building secure, production-ready internal developer platforms. The company is supported by Y Combinator and major cloud providers.

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