Synthesis Sy Sanchez

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About Synthesis Sy Sanchez

Sy Sanchez is a multifaceted professional with extensive experience in healthcare and technology, holding various leadership roles including Care Coordinator, Clinical Director, and Director of Training & Quality.

Known information

Sy Sanchez has built a diverse career spanning healthcare management and technology. As a Care Coordinator, Sanchez has been instrumental in organizing patient care and ensuring seamless service delivery. In the role of Clinical Director and later as Director of Training & Quality, Sanchez has overseen clinical operations and has been responsible for maintaining high standards in training and service quality. Additionally, Sanchez has contributed to holistic care as the Head of Holistic Care and managed broader operational strategies as an Operations Manager. Their expertise also extends into technology and marketing, supporting their organization’s tech and marketing initiatives. Currently, Sanchez is furthering their medical and professional knowledge as a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) candidate and intern, demonstrating a commitment to continuous professional development and excellence in the field of healthcare.

About LunaJoy

LunaJoy, formerly known as Thriving Lane, is a healthcare company specializing in women's mental health, offering services like psychotherapy, medication management, and wellness coaching across the USA and Canada, with a focus on remote accessibility.

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