Sheril Kalarithara

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About Sheril Kalarithara

Sheril Kalarithara is a Clinical Advisor and Liaison and Co-Founder at LunaJoy, specializing in women's mental health across various life stages.

Known information

Sheril Kalarithara serves as a Clinical Advisor and Liaison and is the Co-Founder of LunaJoy, focusing on women’s mental health through all phases of life. Based in Naples, FL, and working across Collier County, Sheril is also associated with locations in St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando, FL. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, loss and grief, menopause, parenting transitions, OCD therapy, and transitions from teen to college and adulthood. Additionally, she addresses maternal and reproductive mental health, as well as postpartum depression and anxiety. Sheril Kalarithara is also featured on Mental Health Match and maintains a professional LinkedIn profile.

About LunaJoy

LunaJoy, formerly known as Thriving Lane, is a healthcare company specializing in women's mental health, offering services like psychotherapy, medication management, and wellness coaching across the USA and Canada, with a focus on remote accessibility.

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