Reena L. Pande

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About Reena L. Pande

Reena L. Pande, MD MSc, is a multifaceted medical professional with extensive experience in clinical and operational roles across the healthcare sector.

Known information

Reena L. Pande, MD MSc, holds a diverse portfolio in the medical and healthcare industry, encompassing leadership and advisory roles. She has co-founded medical initiatives and served as a Clinical Director, enhancing the quality and efficiency of clinical services. As a Clinical Advisor and Liaison, Pande has bridged gaps between clinical teams and other departments, ensuring cohesive operations. Her experience extends to being an Advisor and a Director of Training & Quality, where she has been instrumental in developing training programs and maintaining high standards of care. Pande’s role as an Operations Manager and Head of Holistic Care highlights her ability to oversee daily operations while integrating comprehensive care approaches. Additionally, her involvement in tech and marketing demonstrates her adeptness in aligning technological advancements with healthcare marketing strategies. Currently, she is also pursuing a DO as a candidate and intern, further expanding her expertise in the medical field.

About LunaJoy

LunaJoy, formerly known as Thriving Lane, is a healthcare company specializing in women's mental health, offering services like psychotherapy, medication management, and wellness coaching across the USA and Canada, with a focus on remote accessibility.

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