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About Lumina

Lumina is an innovative company operating in the B2B sector, with a focus on operations. The company is based in Singapore, with additional locations in Jakarta, Indonesia, and remote setups. It was launched in Southeast Asia, catering to a large initial workforce of 1.5 million workers and assisting 30,000 companies in recruitment and operational optimization. Backed by industry stalwarts like Y-Combinator, Lumina continues to expand its global footprint.

Services Offered by Lumina

Lumina provides a variety of services aimed at supporting operations and revenue operations, including web and social media management, email management, content moderation, AI training and verification, and AI text humanization. The company's bespoke AI+human-powered automation service, Lumibot, starts at USD 13 per hour with supplemental human-in-the-loop services costing USD 2-6 per hour. Services are managed by dedicated service managers under a prepaid credit system with no minimum commitment, ensuring maximum flexibility for clients.

Lumina's Expansion and Global Reach

Since its inception, Lumina has aimed to expand its operations globally. The company initially focused on Southeast Asia, encompassing regions like Singapore and Indonesia. Through its innovative Lumibot service, Lumina leverages AI and human-powered automation to cater to enterprises looking to streamline their operational workflows. The company has systematically supported a variety of use cases, including custom process automation, to meet the varying needs of its global client base.

Investor Backing and Support for Lumina

Lumina's growth and innovation efforts have been fueled by support from prominent investors such as Y-Combinator, Monk's Hill Ventures, Alpha JWC, Goodwater Capital, SWC Global, and January Capital. These investors play a crucial role in providing the necessary capital, resources, and network support, allowing Lumina to continually develop and scale its service offerings. Their backing is a testament to the company's potential and the value it brings to the B2B operations sector.

Flexible Engagement Models at Lumina

Lumina offers highly flexible engagement models to suit various client needs. The company's services operate under a prepaid credit system, with no burdensome contracts or minimum commitments. Clients are only required to place a fully-refundable deposit starting from as low as USD 500. This model ensures that businesses can engage with Lumina's services without long-term commitments, providing maximum flexibility and ease of scaling up or down as required.

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