Carly Price

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Founder and Inventor Carly Price

Carly Price is the founder and inventor known for creating innovative solutions in women's health. Her most notable invention is an alternative to the traditional vaginal pessary. Driven by personal experiences and a deep understanding of consumer needs, she designed a product that is more comfortable, convenient, and sustainable. In addition to her role as an inventor, Carly also serves on various boards where she contributes her expertise in product design and consumer health.

Carly Price's Experience with Pelvic Floor Therapy

Carly Price embarked on a journey into pelvic floor therapy following her own experiences as a new mother. After encountering leaks during exercise post-pregnancy, she sought effective solutions, which eventually led her to design a more user-friendly vaginal pessary. Her personal experiences add significant credibility and firsthand insight into the development of products addressing women's health and comfort.

Award-Winning Consumer Products Designer Carly Price

Carly Price has been recognized as an award-winning consumer products designer. Her accolade highlights her exceptional skills in creating functional and user-centered products. Carly's innovative approach not only meets consumer needs but also sets new standards in product design for health and wellness solutions. Her award serves as a testament to her ability to combine empathy, design, and functionality in her work.

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