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Lightmeter is a company located in London, England, focused on providing email delivery services specifically tailored for the B2B sales sector. With a team of five, Lightmeter participated in the Y-Combinator W22 batch and operates across the United Kingdom and Europe, offering both fully remote and partly remote services. The company integrates with popular sales tools such as Apollo and HubSpot, facilitating email campaigns that range from 50 to 7,500 emails per day. Lightmeter’s services include human monitoring, automated testing, and the use of a proprietary high-deliverability network designed exclusively for B2B sales. This network not only aims to increase email reply rates and sales but also offers a dedicated inbox to protect clients’ domain and Google Workspace reputation. Lightmeter claims to eliminate email troubleshooting, thus saving sales and engineering time, and supports scalable sales efforts without delays or disruptions. Additionally, the company promises more effective sales campaigns with less time invested and no sending limits on engaging campaigns.

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