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About Fred

Fred is an educator who specializes in utilizing the Koala Go platform to enhance online literacy lessons by offering various guides and demonstrations.

Known information

Fred is an experienced educator known for his expertise in the Koala Go platform, which he uses to enhance the effectiveness of online literacy lessons. He provides a range of instructional content, including how to customize camera feed backgrounds, upload recordings, and use the action zone system effectively. Fred also teaches users how to set the playground’s start location, change its rendering quality for improved performance, and add audio to sticky notes. Additionally, he guides educators on rewarding students with gems and shares methods to teach in the playground with minimal preparation. His contributions are also highlighted by sharing exciting moments from his private online literacy sessions.

About Koala

Koala is an interactive online platform based in San Francisco, CA, that specializes in education technology, offering tools and features designed to enhance online teaching experiences.

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