Company Overview

Koala is an education-focused company based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a fully remote operational model. The company participated in Y Combinator's Winter 2022 (W22) batch. Koala serves regions including the United States, America / Canada, and beyond. The team consists of 11 members, dedicated to providing an engaging online teaching platform reminiscent of 'Minecraft for Teachers.'

Interactive Teaching Platform

Koala offers an interactive platform designed for online teaching businesses. The platform features 3D rooms, avatars, and video-call capabilities to create an immersive learning environment. Teachers have control over student permissions, can integrate external tools and content, and utilize invoicing capabilities for smooth payment processing. A marketplace is available for buying and selling educational activities, further enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Community Engagement and Support

Koala fosters community engagement through 'Coffee Chats' and a dedicated Facebook community for users to share experiences. The company provides a comprehensive PDF user guide for both teachers and students, along with a blog that offers updates and educational resources. Video tutorials are available, including a Chinese tutorial with English subtitles to support non-English-speaking parents.

Payment and Integration Features

Teachers using Koala can leverage Stripe for invoicing, which supports local currencies and popular payment methods. The marketplace allows the sale of educational activities, with fees including charges from both Koala and Stripe. For users without a website, Koala supports the creation of a Stripe Express account by providing a business description. Automatic payouts through Stripe are available but may take up to a week and are limited to supported countries. For regions not covered by Stripe, PayPal is an alternative option for invoicing.

Hardware and Browser Compatibility

For optimal performance in Koala's Playground, users need to enable hardware acceleration in their browsers. The platform is compatible with various browsers, except for the WeChat embedded browser and the Samsung Android browser. This ensures that users can access and use the platform efficiently across different devices and setups.

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