Konstantina Psoma

Founder @ KAEDIM

Konstantina Psoma is the founder of KAEDIM, established on February 10th, 2020, while she was completing her MEng degree at the University of Bristol.

Founder of KAEDIM

Konstantina Psoma is the founder of KAEDIM, a company she established on February 10th, 2020. During the early stages of founding the company, she was simultaneously completing her Master of Engineering (MEng) degree at the University of Bristol. KAEDIM focuses on providing solutions for efficient 3D asset creation, inspired by her experiences and challenges in the field of 3D modeling.

Education and Expertise in 3D Modeling

Konstantina Psoma was concluding her MEng degree at the University of Bristol while founding KAEDIM. During her academic career, she developed expertise in 3D modeling, particularly using Autodesk Maya. She began exploring 3D modeling extensively in her second and third years of university, overcoming a steep learning curve and technical challenges posed by the demanding software.

Key Projects and Challenges

One of Konstantina Psoma's significant projects during her university years involved modeling one of Bristol's cathedrals. This venture required substantial technical proficiency and adaptation to the heavy demands of the 3D modeling software on her PC, resulting in slow progress. These challenges played a pivotal role in her understanding of the efficiencies needed in the 3D asset creation industry.

Immersion in Gaming Culture

While at the University of Bristol, Konstantina Psoma was deeply immersed in a gaming culture among her peers. This environment not only fueled her passion for gaming but also highlighted the potential and importance of efficient 3D asset creation in the gaming industry. To enhance her understanding and find practical solutions, she visited multiple game studios in Bristol, seeking insights into the processes and technologies employed for 3D modeling in a professional setting.

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