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Company Overview

JABU, formerly known as JABU Logistics Inc, operates out of Windhoek in the Khomas Region of Namibia. As a fintech company, JABU specializes in B2B supply chain and logistics solutions, aiming to streamline payment processes for businesses. The company has a team size of 40 and serves regions including Namibia, Africa, and remote areas. JABU is part of the Y-Combinator S21 batch and focuses on improving cash flow and operational efficiency through secure financial transactions and smart integration.

Mobile Application

JABU offers a mobile phone application tailored for businesses in Zambia, enabling users to manage their financial transactions more effectively. The app, available on the Google Play Store, ensures secure and compliant financial transactions while providing instant transaction histories. Unique features include instant balance updates, access to digitized cash via the JabuPay app, and enhanced operational efficiency. This application supports seamless transformation of cash to digital currency, enhancing the overall cash management experience for businesses.

Jabu Smart Safe

One of the standout products offered by JABU is the certified Jabu Smart Safe. These safes enable cash to be instantly digitized and reflected in the JabuPay app. Features of the Jabu Smart Safe include comprehensive insurance and security, licensed Cash-in-Transit pick-ups, and compliance with financial regulations. Businesses can improve their cash management practices with these safes, ensuring secure handling of cash and immediate access to funds in their JabuPay app. The monthly rental includes all these comprehensive services, making it an efficient solution for businesses.

Digital Payment Solutions

JABU offers robust digital payment solutions designed for B2B transactions. These solutions include secure cash procedures with JabuSafe, which ensures that cash handling is seamless and secure. Additionally, businesses can accept card payments and receive same-day credit in their JabuPay wallet. This integration supports growing businesses by improving their access to funds and facilitating cash flow management. Licensed by the Bank of Zambia as a Designated Payment System Business, JABU provides legally compliant and efficient payment processing services.

Regional Operations

Operating primarily in Namibia and the broader African region, JABU extends its services to remote and partly remote areas, enhancing financial operations and cash management for businesses across these locations. The company’s fintech solutions cater specifically to regional needs, addressing challenges in the supply chain and logistics sectors. JABU's application of technology in the transformation of cash management and digital payments aids businesses in these regions in optimizing their financial and operational processes.

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