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Industrial Next specializes in integrating manufacturing levels and transforming production models. The company's focus is on shifting from order-centered to material-centered scheduling. Their solutions apply Tesla's Autopilot Framework technology to manufacturing, allowing real-time correction at workstations, production line optimization, and the integration of manufacturing with R&D. This results in flexible manufacturing processes and cost reductions.

Industry and Sub-industry

Industrial Next operates within the industrial sector, specifically focusing on manufacturing and robotics. The company's aim is to develop technologies for intelligent and adaptive manufacturing automation. By leveraging advanced robotics and smart vision technologies, Industrial Next targets significant improvements in production efficiency and flexibility.


Industrial Next was founded in 2021, with its core team originating from Tesla's autonomous factory engineering team. The company participated in the Y-Combinator batch W22. With headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and offering remote work options, Industrial Next serves a range of regions including the United States, America/Canada, and fully remote locations.


Industrial Next's product lineup includes CyberSight, CyberSpawn, and CyberGate. These products can be used individually or in combination to enhance production line flexibility and reduce costs. Additionally, the IDX solution combines virtual data from engineering simulations with real-time data from smart modules, facilitating real-time dynamic adjustments, and preventing batch defects. This allows immediate rework within workstation units, further optimizing the manufacturing process.

Founders and Core Team

The founding team of Industrial Next includes professionals who were part of Tesla's autonomous factory engineering team. This experience has contributed to their expertise in creating systems aimed at achieving autonomous factories. Their background in working with Tesla's advanced manufacturing technologies forms the foundation of Industrial Next's approach to building software-defined flexible manufacturing systems.

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