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IMT Care, previously recognized as InsureMyTeam, operates in the healthcare industry specifically within the consumer health and wellness sub-sector. Located in MH, India, the company employs a team of 23 individuals and serves over 400,000 members across India and South Asia, including remote and partly remote regions. IMT Care is distinguished by its tech-enabled platform that simplifies the management of all employee and group health policies through a unified user interface. This platform facilitates 24/7 assistance on claims, ensuring both speed and accuracy, and also offers features like doctor consultations, discounted medical tests, and regular wellness activities and programs.

IMT Care’s insurance solutions include Super Top-Up and Super Top-Up Individual plans, starting at ₹100 per month, which cover pre-existing diseases from day one without a waiting period. These plans are designed to cover cumulative medical expenses exceeding the base sum insured within a policy year. The Super Top-Up plans require a minimum of 7 lives or 25% participation from any company with a group health policy. The Super Top-Up Individual plans, available to employees of companies already enrolled with IMT Care, offer up to ₹15 Lacs sum insured, cover pre and post-hospitalization expenses, and feature no room rent limits or copays. Additionally, these individual plans provide income tax benefits under section 80D and remain active even after an employee leaves the company, until the policy expires. The company boasts over 45 partners and more than 45,000 endorsements, and is backed by Y Combinator from the W22 batch.

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