Simon Wijckmans

Product Lead at Hydra @ Hydra

Simon Wijckmans is the Product Lead at Hydra, known for his contributions to the company's blog and involvement in key product launches.

Simon Wijckmans Product Lead at Hydra

Simon Wijckmans holds the position of Product Lead at Hydra, a company known for its innovative technology solutions. In his role, Simon focuses on managing product development and strategy, ensuring alignment with company goals and market demands. His leadership contributes significantly to the company's advancements and overall success.


On November 29, 2023, Simon Wijckmans authored a blog post titled 'THE DESIGN OF POSTGRES EXTENSION MANAGER “PGXMAN”'. This post delves into the design intricacies of PGXMAN, a tool developed to enhance PostgreSQL's extension management capabilities. Simon's insights reflect his deep understanding of database technologies and his commitment to improving user experiences with database management systems.

Simon Wijckmans Blog Post 'Hydra Columnar as an extension'

Simon Wijckmans published a blog post on December 5, 2023, titled 'Hydra Columnar as an extension'. In this post, he explores the functionalities and benefits of integrating Hydra Columnar as an extension. This piece showcases Simon's expertise in product development and his ability to communicate complex technological concepts effectively.

Simon Wijckmans Featured in 'Recap Launch Week'

Simon Wijckmans was featured in the 'Recap Launch Week' blog post published on September 22, 2023. This post provides an overview of Hydra's activities and achievements during a significant week of product launches and updates. Simon's role and contributions are highlighted, emphasizing his involvement in major company events.

Simon Wijckmans Featured in 'Hydra Managed BYOC Early Access'

Simon Wijckmans appeared in the blog post 'Hydra Managed BYOC Early Access' published on September 21, 2023. The article discusses the early access phase of Hydra's BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) management service. Simon's inclusion in this post underscores his pivotal role in the development and execution of this service.

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