Joe Sciarrino

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About Joe Sciarrino

Joe Sciarrino is the CEO of Hydra, known for his expertise in database technology and analytics, as evidenced by his presentations and numerous blog posts on related topics.

Known information

Joe Sciarrino serves as the CEO of Hydra, a company specializing in database technology and analytics solutions. He has significantly contributed to the field through various platforms, including presenting at PGConf NYC 2023. Sciarrino is also an avid writer, authoring several insightful blog posts that delve into the intricacies of database management and performance. His posts cover a wide range of topics, such as Hydra’s pricing strategies, the integration of Hydra with tools like JupySQL and Metabase, and best practices for Postgres performance monitoring. These writings not only highlight the functionalities of Hydra’s products but also provide valuable resources for understanding and utilizing Postgres data warehouses effectively.

About Hydra

Hydra, headquartered in San Francisco, offers cloud-based solutions for parallelized analytics without code changes, providing an alternative to Snowflake with compatibility for over 70 Postgres extensions.

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