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Company Overview

Hubble Network, formerly known as Hubble Network Inc, operates in the Industrials sector with a specific focus on Aviation and Space. This innovative company has a team of 20 individuals dedicated to building a global satellite network. Their mission is to connect billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices globally, providing connectivity even where there is no cellular reception. The company is based in Seattle, WA, and Las Vegas, NV.


Hubble Network aims to connect a billion devices to their satellite network, enabling a new level of human-machine collaboration. They provide vital infrastructure that allows any Bluetooth-enabled device to connect to the internet without cellular reception. Their services are focused on improving global connectivity and facilitating advancements in IoT, Satellites, and related hardware.


Hubble Network maintains a presence in Seattle, WA, and Las Vegas, NV. They also offer remote and partly remote services, catering to regions including the United States of America and the broader American/Canadian area. This distributed approach allows them to leverage a wide range of talents and serve a diverse client base effectively.

Industry Focus

Hubble Network operates within the Industrials sector, specifically in the Aviation and Space sub-industry. Their work is also tagged under Developer Tools, Hard Tech, Hardware, IoT, and Satellites. This unique positioning enables them to lead in developing innovative satellite network solutions that improve global Bluetooth device connectivity.

Y Combinator Involvement

Hubble Network was part of the Y Combinator batch W22. This involvement has provided them with crucial support and networking opportunities to develop their satellite network infrastructure further. Being an early-stage company, Y Combinator’s backing is critical for their current operations and future growth.

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