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Founded in 2018 in Kansas City, HomeRoom is a real estate company that began with a single home and has expanded to 105 homes across 31 cities, including major locations like Dallas, Austin, and Atlanta. The company specializes in providing affordable housing solutions with a focus on high investor returns, boasting a 22% ROI and up to 50% higher returns compared to traditional rental properties. HomeRoom operates with a team of 25 and offers a variety of services tailored to the real estate sector, such as property sourcing, capital arrangement, construction management, tenant vetting, and rent collection by the room. The company has successfully attracted 85 property investors and demonstrates robust growth, with a 6X annual increase and $420K in annualized net revenue. In 2021, HomeRoom grew its rental Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to $1.8M, marking a 300% year-over-year growth. The average rent across all properties is approximately $458, which is about 50% lower than comparable market rates. HomeRoom’s properties feature tech-enhanced amenities including furnished common areas, fast WiFi, and community events, supported by an app that allows renters to manage various aspects of their living experience.

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