Sara Niño

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About Sara Niño

Sara Niño is a Sales Representative and part of the leadership team at HippoBuild, with a focus on the digitalization of the construction sector.

Known information

Sara Niño serves as a Sales Representative at HippoBuild, where she is also a member of the leadership team. She is actively involved in promoting the digital transformation of the construction sector. Sara contributes to the ‘Nuestro Blog’ section on the company’s website, where she shares insights on topics such as productivity tips for builders and the broader implications of digitalization in the industry. She is available for contact via WhatsApp, facilitating direct communication with clients and colleagues.

About HippoBuild

HippoBuild, formerly known as Hippo.Build, is a digital platform based in Bogotá, Colombia, that optimizes construction project management by automating back office functions and the supply chain for small to medium construction companies.

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