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HEO Robotics is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and operates in the industrials sector, specifically within the aviation and space sub-industry. The company has a team size of 3 and participated in the Y-Combinator batch S21. HEO Robotics provides on-demand non-Earth imaging (NEI) and analytics services for commercial, government, and defense organizations. The company's headquarters are in Australia, with additional offices in the UK and USA.


HEO Robotics offers on-demand non-Earth imaging (NEI) and analytics services. These services cater to commercial, government, and defense organizations, providing high-quality data of resident space objects. The company employs more than 30 sensors in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and plans to expand to over 1000 sensors across all orbital regimes by 2027. HEO Inspect platform allows customers to task in-orbit sensors for collecting resolved imagery of space objects, delivering results within 24 hours. Their proprietary analytics deliver insights such as objects' state, size, and attitude.

Technology and Platforms

HEO Robotics utilizes a suite of custom-built tools powered by the HEO Inspect platform. HEO Inspect 2.0, their web application, allows customers to task in-orbit sensors to collect resolved imagery of space objects and receive the results within 24 hours. The company partners with Earth observation satellite constellations and launches its own non-Earth imagery sensors as hosted payloads. HEO Robotics plans to achieve Geostationary Orbit (GEO) coverage by 2025.

Partnerships and Clients

HEO Robotics collaborates with commercial companies, governments, and defense organizations worldwide. Their partners include significant clients such as the US government and the UK government. The company's services support a more secure, sustainable, and transparent space environment through partnerships with Earth observation satellite constellations.

Vision and Values

HEO Robotics envisions being able to image anything in the solar system on demand. The company values custodianship, sustainability, and trust. These principles guide HEO Robotics in providing persistent awareness and security across satellite constellations, contributing to a more secure and transparent space environment.

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